Monday, January 19, 2015

Indian Rocks Beach is coming to Ireland

Mary Rose and Violetta at Indian Rocks Beach

2015 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Chandler and Helen Tilston

Helen at Indian Rocks Beach (photo credit Rossana Stroligo)
Ireland has extended an invitation to us to exhibit "Coastal Living".   Our show will open in June 2015.

Mary Rose at Indian Rocks Beach (photo credit:  Rossana Stroligo)
Prior to the show we will be painting, on location, en plain air in Ireland.  Helen has been scouting Ireland for the past several months for vistas.   

Paintings are being tagged, measured and selected.    We are also taking every moment to complete commissioned pieces prior to travelling to Europe.  

A few of our patrons are planning to travel to Ireland for our art opening.   We are truly blessed.

Coastal Cottages is ongoing at

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plein Air Painting in Florida & "Reply Button to Comments"

Plein Aire Cottage Artist Violetta paints in Sarasota Florida
A sunny morning meeting in Sarasota, where we agreed to meet with Violetta (her hometown) and paint.

The light and values have attracted Plein Aire Cottage Artist Helen Tilston
We ran into some friends and following some diversions eventually found time to paint

Plein Aire Cottage Artists Mary Rose Holmes and Violetta
Downtown, Sarasota has seen some changes and is now vibrant and alive with many new stores, boutiques and restaurants.  It is certainly worth visiting and talk on the street is  "it is booming and is growing".

Michael's on Main Street, Sarasota is our most recent gallery and we are thrilled to work with Gallery Curator, Kate Runyon whom we have the utmost respect.   She has incredible S.T.Y.L.E
Kate Runyon.  She exudes style.

Christie's At Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Christie's have opened a new office at Indian Rocks Beach, called  "Coastal Christie's" and our paintings grace the walls of this fine building.

Triptych by Plein Aire Cottage Artists at Salt Rock, Indian Shores

Coastal Cottages Series Twelve continues at the Gallery at Salt Rock Grill, Indian Shores.

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Many thanks

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Spring and Early Summer at Indian Rocks Beach

Three heads are better than one.  
As the days grow longer and hotter we are choosing to spend the early parts of the day painting outdoors.   Each year we paint a triptych.  One panel by each artist.   Because of the sensitive nature of this type of painting, great care is taken.   Along with painting outdoors, we must co-ordinate our time  to this project.

This triptych is one of our favourites. Panel 1, Violetta, Mary Rose & Helen
One of our collectors has one commissioned triptych and her home is decorated around this piece of art.
Our hearts gladden whenever we are invited to their home.
Beach Trail, by Violetta
Often we find a client leans more favourably to either Violetta, Mary Rose's or my paintings and they will collect our work.
Boats at anchor, Mary Rose Holmes
We can think of several clients who own at least one each of our paintings and then commission or purchase a trip-tych.   They feel they have a well rounded collection of our work

Balcony Mornings by Helen Tilston
Coastal Cottages Series 12 continues at SaltRock Grill, Indian Shores.
Indian Rocks Beach Historical Museum exhibition of Plein Aire Cottage Artists continues.

Hope your summer is very special.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Salt Rocks Grill & Plein Aire Cottage Artists -what a combination!!Vi

Violetta & Mary Rose applying finishing strokes

Our feature painting" IRB - No Ordinary Here" is hung at Salt Rock

Coastal Cottages Series 12 opens today    Please click.

Your comments are always welcome

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Coastal Cottages Series Twelve Opens at Salt Rock Grill

Violetta, Helen and Mary Rose
Spiritual Estuary,  View from Porch, IRB-No Ordinary Here
Experts and skilled workers hang our show with care and precision
 The hanging committee and skilled experts are in the midst of hanging Coastal Cottages Series 12.     Salt Rock Grill sparkles with light, the view over the intercoastal waterway will take your breath away.  It is a painter's dream.  
  Violetta Chandler, Mary Rose Holmes and Helen Tilston unveil 60 new original oil paintings on February 28th at 6:00 p.m.  at:  Salt Rock Grill,  9325 Gulf Blvd., Indian Shores  For Reservations Tel.  727.593.7625

 The scale and values of Violetta's paintings have been likened to
  John Singer Sargent,  Mary Rose's  use of pink and purples and her brushstrokes have been likened to Monet and
 Helen Tilston to the Spanish painter of light  Joaquin Sorolla. (MW)
"Their best paintings ever"  MW

A portion of the proceeds benefit Indian Rocks Beach Action 2000.

Salt Rock Grill owns their own fleet of fishing boats and the selection and freshness is superb.

Executive Chef, Tom Pritchard attracts visitors from all corners of the USA and Canada.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Indian Rocks Beach Florida & Painting, Painting Painting

As winter storms show their strength and muscle here in North America and also Europe we send good wishes for safety to you.

Violetta painting en plein air
 The show must go on and we mean that literally.  As plein air painters  each day brings us new joy and sometimes miniscule weather challenges, such as a gust of wind blowing  our umbrella away or taking one of our hats for a jaunt or the wobbly leg of an easel suddenly deciding to curtsy.
Mary Rose Holmes is sketching
Helen Tilston sketching

A typical lunch, thank you Mary Rose for today's creation.
On days when it is just too overcast or windy our studio becons and larger pieces are painted upon.
 "Coastal Cottages Series Twelve" opens February 28th.

 On my morning walk I spotted these cormorants, they looked like they were saying "there are three of us too"

Cormorants on Indian Rocks Beach

Wishing you all the joy and blessings of 2014

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Florida Art Show Planning & Studio Visitors

Conner pays us a visit
Summer time found all three of us travelling extensively:- Hawaii, Baltimore, Tennessee, Miami, Naples, Virginia and Ireland  are some of the places we visited and painted. All three of us are home in Florida and back painting.  January is fast approaching. Our art show  "Coastal Cottages Series X11" will open
Plans are being drawn up.  Paintings are being glazed and receiving magical strokes.

Long time friend and supporter visits
Friends are stopping by the studio to say hello and share a cup of tea.  We work and paint for a few more hours until the shore beckons us.    Tomorrow is another day.

Indian Rocks Beach, Fl....The beach in front of one of our studios