Monday, January 21, 2008

A Memorable Artist from 07 Florence Biennale: Aida Cui

The sun was setting on the River Arno as Rian Kerrane, Patrick Fenech, Violetta Shtymeyzen and Helen Tilston treked our way slowly over the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and travelled on a two shoulder wide street to the Firenze home way from home of Aida Cui and her sister Ave Sura. The long awaited Soiree of December 2 was here. Over 70 American Artists all exhibiting at the Biennale had email addresses for each other but never had met. It was so much fun writing and planning a party with poeple we did not know. We all contributed hors d'ouvres and wine for the occasion.

Aida welcomes us with open arms to her historic home, which was once a bakery. Energy, enthusiasm, sincerity, intelligence and a zest for life describes Aida Cui. The soiree "happened" and all too soon there were twelve of us left in the living room. Someone commented "so this is the American party" and without thinking we said yes, then all laughed as each of us was born and educated in countries such as the Phillipines, the Ukraine, Ireland, Malta, England, France, Puerto Rico. Celestte a professional singer sang the Ave Maria for us and we then all went for supper.
Aida Cui was born and educated in the Phillines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from Assumption Convent and this proved an important influence in her portrayal of classic icons in her work. Her piece titled "All is Possible" received very favourable reviews at the Florence Biennale and always attracted viewers.

Aida maintains studios in Sedona Arizona, Miami, Florida and Budapest,Hungary.
The Plein Aire Cottage Artists have been invited to paint with Aida in Sedona Arizona in the Fall of 2008, a date we look forward to .

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