Thursday, January 8, 2009

Triptych- History Making- Florida Artists

3 Frieds, 3 Views, l Vision.

The Plein Aire Cottage Artists, Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Shtymeyzen and Helen Tilston have been friends and art partners for the past eight years.

Recently, they have created 10 new triptychs, one panel painted by each artist. The painting can be hung along as one motif or the panels can stand alone and be hung separately.

At press time, no known artists/partners have created such triptychs.


  1. Just a quick blog to thank the three of you for what you are doing to protect the charming cottages in Indian Rocks Beach. I was in your lovely community for a few weeks last month and bought a few of your calendars for myself and friends back home in Lynchburg, VA. Your paintings have sparked a storyline in my writer's mind--a romantic mystery set in Bea's Rainbow Cabins located in a town much like yours. Thanks for unwittingly being my muses--how lucky for me to have three of them--and for the birth of a story through your paintings. Creativity blesses us all in so many marvelous ways. Blessings to you...Vonnie Davis

  2. Vonnie-We thank you for your comments.
    On behalf of Violetta, Mary Rose and myself we wish you every success in writing your mystery. Please keep in touch and we want to read your story. We are very joyful to have played a little part in your creativity.
    Continued blessings to you.
    Helen Tilston E-M: