Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Indian Rocks Beach -Love Changes Everything Poem by Helen Tilston

Many have asked me to publish the poem which I created specifically for Indian Rocks Beach Valentine's dane -February 14 2008
LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING...Ode to Indian Rocks Beach

My heart is on fire since I met you

All days have skies of cerulian blue

Your shell pink beach with its outstretched arms
welcomes home the tired, wounded and aching hearts

Your sunshine of soft gold warms the spirit

Your waves of azure, viridian and cobalt keep in rhythm with me

Your gentle breezes encourage me

Your shorebirds dance with me

Your clouds make silly faces at me

Your residents radiate joy and inspire me

So my dear Valentine there is nothing to oppose

and to you my love I wish to propose

May I live with you forever more?

(by Helen Tilston...January 15, 2008)


  1. Loved it! Indian Rocks beach has a very dear place in my heart! My parents always vacationed there when I was young and after I had been married! We would go for weeks at a time, we mainly stayed at Grossmans cottages, no air, but we didn't care, we had a great time! I will always remember those wonderful years, keep up painting, they are gorgeous! The days of cottages are amost gone, keep them alive! Thank you

  2. Hello Cindy. You, too, have discovered the magic of Indian Rocks Beach. When it touches your heart it is like being tatooed with sunshine.
    Mark your calendar for January 10, 2010- Guppy, when we unveil a new collection. Thanks. Helen