Friday, July 31, 2009

Scruggs Cottages Indian Rocks Beach Mary Rose Holmes

My friends and family tease me by saying that I plan my life around the spectacular sunsets at Indian Rocks Beach. This is a known fact, I rush through my chores to be home for sunset. This past week I took my French easel for a stroll along the beach. Scrugg's historical cottages were the perfect motif. I have painted these cottages previously but never at this time of day when the sun was close to setting.


  1. hello helen. i am an artist that has moved to st pete and want to meet other artists. love what you are doing. my address is
    my website is
    hope to hear from you

  2. Hello Joan. Thank you for your kindness and for contacting us. I shall email you and ensure you receive an invitation to our next Exhibition.