Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mary Rose Holmes Paints View from La Hacienda Home

The homeowners exquisite taste leans toward original art. The owners are passionate about colour and art. One of a kind pieces adorn tables and shelves. The house has been lovingly decorated in true tropical style. The view from the garden is the intercoastal waterway. This wide expanse of water faces south and enjoys an unobstructed view of mangroves and hidden corners where manatee and dolphins shelter. The herons's spindly legs and frozen stare are common views.

In secret I visited the home when the "woman of the house was on a business trip". Her husband wanted to surprise her with a Christmas gift of an original oil painting of her view. I had the most wonderful time painting this scene for a wonderful and loving couple.
The finished painting is 30" x 72" The original home for this painting was to be the bedrooms, however, the owners decided on the entry hallway were it could be viewed by friends and family

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