Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leepa Rattner Museum & Plein Aire Cottage Artists

If you have not been to the Leepa Rattner Museum in Tarpon Springs you must go.

It has the collecton of Abe Rattner's work. This is one of the finest collections and accounts of one man's life. Rattner lived through two wars and his later works certainly portray how he feels about war and "man's injustice to man".

The Plein Aire Cottage Artists have been very privileged to exhibit several of their triptychs at this fine museum and to rub shoulders with the giant Rattner's masterpieces.

The Leepa Rattner Museum adjoins St. Pete's College which offers a very fine art programme. The students wrote us and said how much they appreciated seeing the present day work of Plein Aire Painters. The Plein Aire Cottage Artists have one trip tych on exhibition at the Leepa Rattner Museum's gift store.

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