Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seaside Living - Artists Display in downtown Tampa Gallery

Plein Aire Cottage Artists Come to Tampa By Esther Hammer Tampa Tribune

Three Pinellas Country women are becoming well known across Florida for their oil paintings of the charming old cottages and shoreline scenes of Indian Rocks Beach. They have exhibited in Pinellas County ad elsewhere in the state. But they've never exhibitied in Tampa.  Until now.

The trio who collectively call themselves the Plein Aire Cottage Artists - because they always paint on site, outdoors p will exhibit their works on this side of Tampa Bay at the TECO Art gallery - Thursday through Jan 3.

Florida native Mary Rose Holmes Irish born Helen Tilston, and Russian-born Violetta Chandler have paintd together for 10 years. They hope their paitings wil inspire preservation of, or at leaset record for history, some of the vanishing treasures of Florida's West Coast.
Each artist typically creates an individual interpretarion of the scene in front of them. But renently began creating triptychs, pantings with three separate panels, each painted by a different artist.

The TECO show will contain individual paintins, several triptychs, and a new adventure in cooperative painting a polytych consisting of 5 panels called "The Bridge that Brings People Home to Indian Rocks Beach"

The three also have painted en plein aire in Italy, where they were "discovered" and invited to exhibit at the 2007 Biennale in Florence. They did, and now they have a lifetine invitation to that world-class event.
But their passon is the beauty found here at home.

Meet the artists and see their works at the opening reception from 5.30 to 8.00 pm Thursday at the Gallery, 702 N Franklin St in downtown Tampa. Visit to learn more about the group

Esther Hammer - Journalist with Tampa Tribune

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