Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gullet Wedding at Indian Rocks Beach, June 4th, 2011

Mary Rose's Wedding Dress Awaits

Holmes Cottage Beach Trail, Indian Rocks Beach
Grandmother Mary Rose Holmes, holds a picture of Mary Rose Ward at age 4 and Mary Rose is waiting for her hair to curl
Wedding Cake baked with love

This soft breeze perfumed the air with the scent of fresh flowers and ocean breezes. Laughter, kisses and love was definitely in the air at an Indian Rocks Beach cottage, where the wedding arrangements were underway for the marriage of Mary Rose Ward to Matt Gullet.   The loving parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and relatives gathered in an intimate family wedding.

Wedding Dress
Grandmother Mary Rose Holmes, the Bride Mary Rose Ward with mother Sheri Ward

Brothers Nick , Mark Ellis and Tyler Ward offer their love and support to Mary Rose
Mary Rose's hair beautifully styled by friend.
Brides Mother's Dress (Sheri Ward) The tie Mary Rose gifted to her dad at age 6, Dad will wear it proudly again  today
Loving Hug given by Mum to Mary Rose

Loving father, William Ward escorts his beautiful Mary Rose to the alter

Time to start dancing

Mary Rose and her dear friend and bridesmaid
Grandfather Dwight Holmes, Mary Rose Gullet, Matt Gullet and Grandmother Mary Rose Holmes

Brother Mark escorts his sister to the sunset

Father William Ward dances with Mary Rose

Sand is poured into jars as a symbol of everlasting love
May your sunsets be always like this Matt and Mary Rose


  1. My word...what a lovely place and family you have here!!! Anita

  2. Beautiful! I love the cake...and everything in that shot. You can't help but feel the love.

  3. How lovely, all the details swirl together to create such a day of love and memories.

  4. Castles Crowns and Cottages
    Hello Anita
    Thanks for stopping by Anita. Yes Indian Rocks Beach Florida is a well kept secret. We hope you will visit one day
    Mary Rose, Violetta and Helen

  5. Hello Katie

    Yes Katie the cake was delicious, if you ever visit Indian Rocks Beach, we will take you to our local bakery for a treat
    Mary Rose, Violetta and Helen

  6. Bourbon & Pearls
    Thank you for visiting us. We hope you will stop by in person one day
    Mary Rose, Violetta and Helen

  7. Oh there is nothing like the beach, Helen...and it looks as if EVERYONE had a magical time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!!!! Enjoy this fleeting but fabulous summer season. Anita