Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Summer Wind and Painting Commissioned work

The days in which all three of us paint plein aire are special.This summer day is hot and the gentle breeze from the ocean is co-operating. It is perfumed by the roses that grow in this cottage garden.  One of us started humming the song The Summer Wind and before we knew it we were in full chorus.We are all working on commissioned pieces.  Violetta's client is adding this to the entrance way. It will join a trip tych, painted by us (one panel by each artist, when when hung forms one cohesive view)

Violetta painting a scene in a bespoke size which will be displayed in clients tropical home

The words of Summer Wind by Shirley Bassey is being sung by us as we paint outdoors. All three artists are working on commissioned pieces.  That view, image which needs to be preserved in the hearts of the owner.

This view will be painted  for a  yearly guest who holds strong connections to this cottage
This view has been requested, the large umbrella hosts many parties and gatherings by the family
This is one of our favourite lunch spots
Mary Rose is painted this beloved view  which will hang in the clients home in a Northern State
The happy clients pick up their bespoke piece


  1. 3 beautiful women living in a beautiful place doing beautiful work,how lucky you are.

  2. Hello Dolldoll

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting us and for you compliment. We are grateful and count our blessings to be living in this little corner of paradise and also to be blessed by the gift of friendship and our love of painting and now we are more blessed to have your kind words.
    Violetta, Mary Rose and Helen xxx

  3. I found you at Karen Valentine's blog & came to visit. I ADORE your art & the idea of being able to paint outstide with firends is wonderful. ENJOY!

  4. Hello Charlene

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. They have made our day. I hope you will stop by soon again and I will be over to see you too.
    Helen xx

  5. Mmmm, I want to eat at your favourite lunch spot. I also love that shot of the water with the billowing skirt and great hat!

  6. Good Morning Katie

    Thanks for stopping by and your comment most welcome.
    Coincidentally all three of us have worked in fashion and interior design.
    We all love to dress up and we love to paint.
    Have a great week

  7. What happy, civilized lives you lead, not alone surrounded by beauty but dedicated to depicting it. I can imagine you all sitting with a champagne beneath those red parasols, sharing merry stories. We'll all sing along with you.

  8. Hello Mise
    It is a good life and how did you know we do share some merry stories and laughter. We jokingly call ourselves the I.R.A (Helen born in Ireland, Violetta in Russia and Mary Rose is American born). Our weapon is the paintbrush and song.
    Thanks for your visit Mise
    Helen, Mary Rose and Violetta