Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blue Walls and paintings for blue walls

Mary Rose and Violetta at Leepa Rattner Museum - painting by Mary Rose, Violetta and Helen
The colour blue in various shades, tones and values from dark to  navy blue to medium blue is appearing in finer homes as the latest  fashion trend.

We have selected some paintings which will look spectacular when hung on blue walls.  This selection of hand painted wallpaper by Farrow & Ball may appeal to you.

Farrow and Ball Wallpapers

As painters and colour consultants we are often asked to assist in choosing colours for the home.Art work and in particular oil paintings pop when displayed on coloured walls.  The lighting is of extreme importance in displaying art work, in particular oil paintings painted en plein air.  We are always more than happy to assist.

As always we treasure your comments

Do you like blue walls?


  1. I think I'm more drawn to gray. But maybe I should consider blue! Great and overlooked colour to consider.

  2. Hello Katie

    Gray is a wonderful colour and so classic. It is calming and can be cool or warm. Blue is tranquil and again ranges from cool to warm depending on ones choice.

    Good luck with your decision
    Helen xx

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  4. I can't believe I've found an artist's blog. I like all shades of blue but my favorite color is orange. I indulge myself with white walls to hang the art I collect (of all colors).

  5. Hello Sizzle and Zoom
    Thank you for stopping by and we will look forward to future visits by you.
    White wall are also great for displaying art work. I share your love for orange also.
    Helen xx

  6. I love blue walls - especially the Greek colors of blue against the white stucco. So fresh and clean. I also love soothing blue bedroom walls. Once my daughter's room was painted easter egg blue - it was so peaceful