Saturday, July 16, 2011

Throwing Pearls to the Swine

Helen looking forward to entertaining her freinds with good news
The slogan "Tell me you want prayer but only bring me the good news"which we three have adopted as our mantra and motto  are the words expressed by Violetta's grandmother to all who visited her.
She lived till the wonderful age of 95 yrs and died in Satasota, Florida. Born in Russia, lived through numerous wars and hardship yet she was a beacon of hope. In meeting her she radiated with joy and kindness.  She was a listener, she had compassion, she cared deeply.  Her feeling was if one imparted sad or bad news to her, her sisters who were at another corner of the world would sense her pain and become sad.  She said sadness and joy is transmitted through the universe in whatever source to those we love regardless of geography.  She was also spiritual.

Olga, daughter of Violetta  great grandaughter of a wise woman

When the three of us paint we always remember this wisdom.  When going out to paint, I always make a list of what is great about my life and there is always goodness even on the bleakest days.  Our topics of joy are varied and are about;  cooking, fashion, design, colours, literature, poetry, jokes and always "do you remember the time we were...... and so and so said this" which results in peels of laughter.

Mary Rose's grandmother, also an artist, imparted wisdom and in her southern accent would say "do not contaminate what you are working on by entertaining negative thoughts".  One of her favourite sayings was not to get even when hurt. She said trying to explain sometimes  is..."Like throwing pearls to the swine"

My mentor was my Irish Aunt Helen who was a woman of substance. She lived her life by example. She did not lecture nor condemn and would say "leave people as you found them"

Helen, Mary Rose and Violetta on beautiful Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Who were your mentors and what good wisdom did they impart


  1. Beautiful post. I would love to find a book that consists of a collection of wise words from sage women. There is something so magical in their experience and wisdom. I wish I still had my grandmother around so that I might appreciate her advice and ask about her life. I was too young and teenagey to appreciate her and it's one of my biggest regrets.

    These days I enjoy contemplating the advice of my mom and future mother-in-law. Not always applicable to my life but they're strong female figures in my life and I love them dearly.

  2. Hello Katie
    Thank you for bringing us good news.
    That would be a great subject matter for a book, hmmmm!
    How great you have a mother and future m-i-l who are wis.

    I love reading your blog Katie
    Violetta, Mary Rose and Helen