Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Sailing

Mary Rose and two girls headed to the beach are detained
Hope your week is wonderful.

We have had a busy week.  The interview and photo shoot with the luxury magazine went very well.  Working with professionals makes it all so enjoyable.   We realize that photographers and writers are artists too and we all speak the same language.

Mary Roe Holmes and Helen Tilston painting en plein aire
Now for some beach time. Later a sail along the intercoastal waterways, and docking for  a delicious dinner:
at Villa Gallace.  Life is good.

Helen, Violetta and Mary Rose painting a trip tych
Rod Stewart Sings I'm Sailing

Will post the link to the magazine when published.

To a brilliant week!


  1. Fun, fun!!
    I wonder which magazine it make sure I know when it comes out :)

  2. Can't wait to see the spread!

  3. Hello Auntie Bliss

    Thank you for commenting. I will most certainly post the link, when the magazine is released at the end of September

    Your interest in greatly appreciated.
    Helen, Mary Rose and Violettaxxx

  4. Hello Katie

    How kind of you to visit and comment.
    I will most certainly post the link and let you know.
    Hope your furniture shopping is going well
    Helen, Mary Rose and Violetta xxx