Tuesday, September 20, 2011

St. Petersburg Florida - Who is your favourite impressionistic artist?

Mary Rose, Helen and Violetta painting at Indian Rocks Beach
The beach at Indian Rocks Beach is, as we have said before, one of the most beautiful in the world.
Approximately 15 miles away is the beautiful city of St. Petersburg Florida, which houses some of the finest museums.   The Dali Museum houses the largest collection of Dali's work, outside Spain. The new museum designed by  HOK & Beck Group opened early this year and is a much admired building. This provides some history on
Dali Museum, St. Petersburg Florida

We depart Dali Museum, and strolling on over to The Museum of Fine Art which is a big favourite of ours, it is what we refer to, as a very manageable museum, rich is its collection yet not massive and confusing.  Some of our favourite paintings receive a visit
George Innes -Early Moonrise, Florida, Robert Henri-Village Girl Lily Cow, Claude Monet -Le Parlement effet de broulliard,Berthe Morisot- La Lecture
Feeling wonderfully inspired and following lunch, al fresco, we are guests at the beautiful, historic Vinoy Hotel where we paint in the beautiful outdoors and open lobby.
Our paintings in their various stages, 
There are several smaller museums in St. Petersburg which we shall tell you about soon

Who is your favourite impressionistic artist?


  1. What beautiful paintings you create , love the coulors ! And love that impressionistic era , but I´m not a art expert far from it . But my favorites are Degas and Monet of course .

  2. Hello Lotta
    Thank you for stopping by to visit and you no doubt have a good eye for art seeing as your favourites are Monet and Degas...both favourites of ours.
    Our best
    Mary Rose, Violetta and Helenxxx

  3. Hi

    How beautiful the places are where you were paiting! I can feel through the photos how you enjoyed painting with your friends.
    Your paintings look lovely and make me feel happy. My favorite Impressionist artist is Van Gogh.
    Maybe he was a post-Impressionist, though. I have once seen Mary Cassatt's works in person at an exhibition in Tokyo. I love her works too. Oh You have many other lovely museums around you!! Looking forward to your next post!

  4. Hello Sapphire
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    We do love Van Gogh and his paintings.
    How exciting that Mary Cassatt's work travelled to Japan. She is another we admire greatly and there is at least on of her paintings at the Museum of Fine Art in St Petersburg.
    Thank you Sapphire for your kind words and for reading our blog.

  5. I remember visiting the Dali museum when I live in Tampa. I really liked his earlier impressionistic pieces over his later stuff.

  6. Hello Carolynn Cecilia

    I totally agree with you - his impressionistic work from his early days of painting is superb and seems to be painted at a more calm time in his life.
    Thanks for visiting
    Helen xx

  7. So beautiful. Finally I found your blog! Thank you for all your lovely visits to Sea Cottage. Your words always inspire me. My favorite impressionist would have to Monet. We even named our kitty after him...Lily Monet. Isn't it perfect...being that he painted alot of waterlilies.

  8. Kerrie at Sea Cottage

    Thank you Kerrie and welcome to our blog.

    I love your cats name, it is very approprite and fitting.

    Pats to Lily Monet from us.