Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunsets and Indian Rocks Beach

Painting by Violetta
We are frequently asked to paint sunsets.  The sunsets at Indian Rocks Beach, with the beautiful Gulf of Mexico as a backdrop, are some of the finest in the world.

Mary Rose Holmes plans her day around sunsets and is most always home when the sun is sinking.
Quite frequently there will be a green flash as the sun hits the water for it's final decent.

Mary Rose - boat just before sunset
Helen Tilston - January sunset
Someone's favourite view by Helen Tilston
Mary Rose's view at sunset
Violetta captured the boats at sunset
View from Mary Rose's cottage at Sunset

Sunset from Indian Rocks Beach shore

Sunset from Indian Rocks - Mary Rose Holmes
Bon Voyage at Sunset, Indian Rocks Beach Mary Rose Holmes
Lets walk to the shore at Sunset Mary Rose Holmes
August sunset from Holmes cottage, Mary Rose Holmes

Which do you prefer sunrise or sunsets? 


  1. They are all beautiful....and the paintings wonderful....I think if I had to chose I would say sunset....The thought of the sun closing it's rays and the day at an end somehow appeals....probably because there is always the promise of a new dawn.... xv

  2. Hello Vicki Archer
    Thank you for visiting and we agree with you that sunset is a magical time full of promise and like you said "a new dawn"

    A great week to you and hopefully it is sunny in France

    Helen xx

  3. The morning has such promise for me but I've always been on the west coast so sunsets remind me of home!

  4. I'm more of a sunrise girl, since I am a morning person, but I love all the talent you all ooze any time of the day! Your newest follower, XOLaura

  5. Helli Katie
    That is interesting Katie and why of course sunsets will remind you of home, being in Vancouver.

    We are fortunate in Florida in that our home faces south and we can see the sunrise and sunset form our balcony.
    Have a great week
    Helen xx

  6. Happy Homemaker UK

    Hello Laura
    A warm welcome to our blog.

    Sunrise is such a special time of day and holds so much promise.

    Thank you for your kind words