Sunday, October 9, 2011

When the house becomes a home

Violetta working on one panel of a polytych
Violetta, Mary Rose and Helen are frequently asked by home owners and collectors to guide them in their choice of paint, sofa colours and often just "where to start".   One of my first teachers in Interior Design, whom I greatly respected almost always started with a painting or paintings  and built her colour scheme and design around the art  collection.  Her viewpoint was clients do not want to live in a show room window, they want objects d'art and collections that speak of their personality. These objects are collected over time and display a patina and have the family history embedded in the objects.  The objects are often original or have a value.  Think also size, shape of canvas.  A variety of shapes works nicely.  Recenty, a client chose 12 paintings all 12 x 12"  gallery wrap which are hung salon style. 

A painting is an excellent investment, it can be moved to a different space.   It can be reframed to fit a new style.  It is not necessary for frames to match. A variety of frames can look quite spectacular. Think how museums exhibit.

Lunch in Paradise by Violetta
This triptych is a focal point as one enters the home
Our seashore by Violetta

Across the pond by Violetta

Castellovicchiomaggio Italy by Mary Rose Holmes

Violetta at work

Morning shadows by Violetta

Graceful Elegance, Helen Tilston
Madame X by Helen Tilston
Madame X2 by Helen Tilston

Mary Rose and Little Bear work on a custom painting  

Above are some of our favourite Farrow & Ball colours
Do you collect original art work?


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  2. Sweetpea, Hello Shelley

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  3. Wonderful thought to build your colors around your art collection. I haven't started collecting yet...but one day!

  4. Katie, thank you for visiting. It is a good idea to start one's colour scheme around a painting.
    Wishing you success in your house hunt.
    Helen xx

  5. How amazing , the three of you painting together - and looking so smart while you paint!! Whenever I attempt to paint I get covered in the stuff!
    To answer your question, we have many paintings in our home, there is no comparison to having an original work of art doesn't mean it had to cost a fortune, it's just vital!

  6. I am in love with the "Madame X" painting. Brava, Helen!!! I do collect original art and enjoy making it as well. You and your friends have amassed beautiful inspirations, for all of us.