Friday, November 4, 2011

Choosing Exterior Colour for where you live

Sarasota, Florida
As colour consultants and plein air painters we are often asked:  "What colour should I paint my house?" "What are the latest colours?"  "I love the new beige and brown tones".  "My husband loved the colours of the buildings in Venice, Italy". " Green is the new colour  this year"  "My sister told me I should paint my house blue, sort of a robin's egg blue".  "So what colour do you think I should paint it"???? ." I only like neutrals"  etc.etc. and on and on it goes.

We regret there is not a simple answer

This cluster of beach cottages have seen better days
The sad little cottage has received a coat of paint and some tlc from a handyman

Our Rule Number 1:

Your choice of paint should not be determined by on the latest fashion/fad in paint colours.

There are several determining factors in choosing an exterior colour.  We will usually visit the home at various times of day, preferably on a cloudy day and again on a sunny day.  Factors we take into account are:  Light, natural, ambient and reflective light.  The sky.  Flora and fauna. The location and direction of the home  The surrounding homes.  The distance between the home and the street.  The roof colour.   We also like to see the inside of the home to gain a better understanding of the home owner.

A sketch is made and colour(s) suggested.

Sample pots of the colour are purchased and the colour painted on large sheets of bristol board 20 x 24

(Do not paint the sample colours directly on your exterior walls....they stain and can take several coats to cover when the final colour is selected)

Having worked for one of the major, long established leading British paint companies we are also aware of the number of times the person mixing the colour gets it wrong.  Have your colour consultant verify the paint colour.

The colours for windows, trim and the hall door/awnings are also very important decisions.

Mary Rose, Helen and Violetta

What colour is your home?

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