Monday, January 16, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Violetta, Helen & Mary Rose - Photo Karen Altpeter
Coastal Cottages Series 10 found us welcoming many familiar and new collectors at Guppy's Restaurant and Gallery this Sunday past.    It was a dream come true, the show was at capacity and many returned this week when it was quieter and viewing of pieces more intimate.  We find many love to hear the story behind the painting and what events happened when painting the scene. The show continues through February.

Mary Rose Holmes - Collectors - Helen Tilston
As Guppy's is a very popular restaurant and when paintings sell, we must replace with a new painting, so this week found us back on the by-ways painting. 

Art Opening - Karen Altpeter wearing glasses, Amy and Beverley and Jan has her back to us

We had a scheduled a photo shoot with Karen Altpeter on Tuesday.  Karen is a very accomplished and experienced photographer.  Her portfolio includes Photo Editor at National Geographic.    She is in town for a short time and we enjoy her company immensely.  Her life experiences are fascinating.   Karen met us on Tuesday and we spent an entire day painting in the hot sunshine on the beach as she bent and twisted and took  pictures from angles we did not think possible.   We took a break and enjoyed a delicous lunch together and then returned to shoot again as the shadows lengthened.

How do you feel about being photographed?


  1. Things have been busy in your world. Refreshing to see artist at work.

  2. Teresa at Splended Sass

    Hello Teresa and thanks for stopping in. The New Year is more promising than we could have imagined. We love what we do and it never seems like work.
    Wishing you a wonderful, remaining. weekend