Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mary Rose Holmes, Award Winning Artist, a Plein Aire Cottage Artist

Grandchildren getting ready to sail away
Artist Mary Rose, plein aire painting
view from cottage porch
Mary Rose painting outdoors at Indian Rocks Beach
Artist Mary Rose Holmes is one of the 3 Member Plein Aire Cottage Artists.  Born and raised in Florida, Mary Rose is a Seventh Generation Floridian.   As a child she learned to paint by her grandmother's side.  She obtained a Fine Arts degree from Agnes Scott College, followed by an early career as an Interior Designer.  Architect Dwight Holmes stole her heart away and a modern glass house they build overlooking Tampa Bay was where their three children were raised.

Holmes Cottage Painting by Mary Rose Holmes

  They came to Indian Rocks Beach for a weekend, fell in love with an old fashioned cottage and the rest in history.  The cottage is situated by the Gulf of Mexico and enjoys spectacular sunsets.
View from cottage porch
The grandchildren swim in the ocean with dolphins and pelicans

The children joke that their grandmother's day evolves around the sunset and all work halts when the sun sets. Painting of Sunset from porch, by Mary Rose Holmes
When not at the cottage Mary Rose is at her daughter's ranch, horseback riding
Eight grandchildren visit with great frequency.

Next week, we shall take you inside the cottage.


  1. I would never get a thing done with a view like this. Amazing.
    Beautiful work of a talented artist. I am in love with the cottage painting.
    hank ou for sharing this outstanding artist!!
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. You live in such a beautiful location! Lucky you and your grandchildren, I know they love to visit and how special it is. You get to enjoy that view each day. My grandson lives at the beach and I'm so happy when I get to visit them. I enjoyed your paintings and your photos.

    the French Hutch

  3. Hello Teresa

    Thank you for visiting and for your kind words of support for Mary Rose Holmes art work.

    Check next week when we will take you inside the cottage for a beautiful surprise.

    Have a great week

  4. Hello Emily

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a beautiful comment. The grandchildren all love the beach - all generations find compatibility in this environment. How fabulous our grandson lives at the beach and you get to visit him
    Have a great week

  5. What a beautiful place to paint. I could look at the view from the cottager all day. I can't wait to see inside. Thank you for sharing Mary Rose with us. She is very well educated and a great talent.

  6. Hello Same

    Thank you for your kind comments. Yes Mary Rose has grown up with art and lived it, in some form, her entire life.

    The view from her cottage is unbelievable and changes each hour of the day

  7. Such a magical place you call home.
    Love the cottage painting, you are indeed a talented threesome :)
    Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to visiting back and forth often !

  8. A Brit in Tennessee

    Hello Jo
    Thanks for visiting and a big warm welcome to our blog.

    Looking forward to your return visits

  9. this is literally such a bright happy place to paint. i love it.

  10. Hello Nicole

    Thanks for your visit and for your kind compliment