Friday, May 25, 2012

Painting at the Vinoy Hotel

Violetta and Mary Rose paint at the Vinoy Hotel

A warm return welcome greeted Violetta and Mary Rose this week at one of our favourite historic hotels, the Vinoy in St. Petersburg, Florida

Garden at Vinoy Hotel

A glorious blue sky and a harbour sparkling with boats raised our heart rate.   Easel legs were quickly released and paint squired on palettes and in no time we had begun our paintings.
Violetta & Mary Rose Painting, en plein air

 Lunch time and the aroma of delicious grilling from the kitchen called us to lunch

A quick lunch and back to the porch and easels

Mary Rose & Violetta
Violetta and her painting from Vinoy
Helen could not be with Violettta and Mary Rose.  She is at Southampton painting

Painting by Helen Tilston  

How was your week? 


  1. I don’t “know” you, but so you. Beautiful and pensive, awaiting the charms of the world ♥

  2. Oh Helen.
    The girl in the white dress on the beach is breathtaking.

  3. labergerebasque

    Thank you for visiting and your kindness is truly appreciated.

    Helen xx

  4. Hello Lynne

    Many thanks for your kind compliment on our artwork.

    Helen x

  5. Helen I do so love your paintings. The one of the lady at the end of your post was delightful. Great post and photographs, idyllic surroundings for a painting session I would imagine. Have a great weekend. Denise x

  6. Hello Denise

    Thanks for visiting. We have a lot of fun when we paint togther and thank your your generous comment

    Helen xx