Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eating, Playing and Painting at the Adirondacks

This view on our drive home, sunset and lupines.
Historically the Adirondacks have been a destination chosen by artists.  Many have painted here including the famous Hudson River school of  painters.

Chatting and roasting marshmallows by the open fire (Helen & Violetta)
Long time friends of ours have a second home here and extended the invitation.   Sadly they cannot be here with us so we must fend for ourselves.

Fresh fruit and plate awaiting home made crepes by Violetta
Violetta loves to cook and we feel is an expert. Had she not chosen to become an Artist she likely would have her own Cooking programme.

Omlette made from organic eggs is today's menu, Mary Rose and Violetta
Mary Rose ask "is it ready yet, Violetta"
Mary Rose took charge of the clean up and organization of the kitchen.   I was the hunter and gatherer.

Mary Rose painting outside our home
We are painting from early morning until sunset, weather permitting.

Violetta and Helen paint outside our home
The light is different and quite spectacular in particular near Lake Champlain.  We leave for Essex shortly. Ciao until next time.

Have you visited this part of New York state?

What is your favourite breakfast?


  1. Have never visited there, but it looks beautiful. Such a relaxed atmosphere to paint with. I love all of the beautiful greenery and flowers, not to mention the perfect sky.
    Hope to see more once finished.

  2. Hello Teresa

    It is well worth visiting and the scenery and light is quite spectacular. There greens are vivid, lots of rain.
    We are fainting several daily and when dry will put the magic strokes on.

    Have a glorious week

  3. Such a lovely blog...oh, the inspiration it provides! I feel so blessed to have happened upon it (: I just became a new follower and look forward to return for new posts.

    All my best,

  4. Hello to Homesteading Cottage

    Thank you for your beautiful comment and visit. Welcome and we look forward to your return visit.