Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome to our Studios

Mural by Violetta - location artist's home

Welcome to our studios.  Violetta recently became a grand-mother to darling twin girls and they will be making their first visit to her home this week.  They are the darling children of her daughter Olga and husband Alex.  The babies are three months old.  As with all visitors to our home, the anticipation brings excitement, extra chores and plans.  This is the view from Violetta's studio.  She has been busy completing the mural and finishing up commissioned pieces.

Bridge of Joy original oil by Violetta

Mary Rose is working on completing two commissions which are located in the same area as this painting.  The clients are picking up the completed paintings early this week.

Seaside Paradise original oil by Mary Rose
Speaking of grand-children Mitchell is Mary Rose's grand son and he has taken up painting, in oil plein aire under the tutelage of Mary Rose.
He is aged 7 yrs.  Here is his completed painting.

Original oil painted en plein air by Mitchell
Helen Tilston has been painting in encaustic (beeswax and oil) This commissioned piece will be part of a grouping in a Library.

Lasting Memories - Encaustic painting (beeswax & Oil)  Helen Tilston

What colour is your living room?  Your library?


  1. Oh these are all so beautiful, And the grandson is a talented little artist too. 7? That is amazing.
    I hope that everyone has a great week.
    You are a talented group of artist. Beautiful work.

  2. Hello Teresa

    Yes Mitchell has talent. His older brother won an adult art show when he was but 13 yrs old. I think the gene runs in the family. Mary Rose's art work and commissions are in big demand.
    Thanks for visiting.

    Have a glorious week

    Helen xxx

  3. Thank you for this lovely post!!
    The warm, beautiful and brilliant colors on those canvases make me happy! What talented ladies you are! As for our living room, the walls are marble white with fine-patterned silver design. The library's walls are made of wood.
    the color is olive brown.

  4. Hello Sapphire

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Your home sounds delightful and I would love to see your marble with fine silvered design walls (perhaps in a future post). Wood enhances a library.
    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  5. Hello from Canada!! Just had to come by and thank you for the sweet note you left me today....I am in Canada as I said but my heart is in Bangor by the sea....I will be back again to visit your lovely blog! x0 Chrissy

  6. Hello Chrissy

    A warm welcome to our blog. Thank you for your visit and kind words. We will look forward to your return

    Helen xx

  7. I love little Mitchell's body of work in his painting, he must be very proud of it. I would so buy his piece if I had happened upon it at a show. Then I would ship it to my brother and his wife in Hawaii.

    tell him he has a piece to love.

  8. How wonderful to get a glimpse inside your studios and your most recent paintings. There is magic....
    And what fun to see such talent in a young boy. He is brilliant.
    Best wishes!

  9. Hello Burlap Luxe

    Dear Dore,

    How kind of you to pay Mitchell such a compliment. He has incredible talent. He is also a fantastic dancer and witty too.
    I will tell him to read your comments.
    Thank you Dore

    Helen xx

  10. Ingrid Mida

    Hello Ingrid.

    Thank you for visiting and our kind words.

    I will convey your beautiful compliments to Mitchell. Better still, I shall tell him to go to the blog and read it your comments

    Helen xx