Sunday, August 26, 2012

Indian Rocks Beach Painting continues

Mary Rose Holmes Painting a Commissioned piece
Summer is in full swing and artist Mary Rose Holmes is enjoying the beach with her grand-chiildren, M and N, who love being buried beneath the pearly white sand and getting unceasing attention from visitors

Violetta is enjoying being with her twin grandchidren, who at the age of three months just love the

The twins are having their afternoon nap and Violetta paints
Violetta paints at Indian Rocks Beach

Cottage by the lake where Helen is a guest

Helen is by the lake painting commissioned work and spending time with good friends and her doll.

Helen's friend and her doll

Helen Painting

How is your week?  Are you taking vacation?


  1. Hi

    It would be nice to be buried beneath the pearly white sand! The sand looks really beautiful. At Ibusuki in Kyushu(the third largest island of our country) you can see many people being buried beneath the sand on the beaches. We call it "sand bath", for hot springs percolate through the sand on the beaches. Her grandsons on the beach remind me of the Ibuski sand therapy.

    The cottage is so lovely! Your posts always make me happy because you look happy and relaxed surrounded by good friends and wonderful nature.

  2. Helen-
    You live the life! Have fun at the lake, and share those paintings.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello Sapphire

    I would love to experience what you describe in Kyushu and it must be so therapeutic and refreshing. The two boys spent had a great time.

    Thank you for your kind comments and we are truly blessed to have good friends.
    May your week be spectacular.

    Helen xx

  4. Hello Teresa @ Splendid Sass

    Thank you for visiting and yes it was wonderful being at the lake and painting and planning my work.

    Wishing you a week of joy

    Helen xx

  5. Dear Helen, the photos are narrating of happy times! Lucky you! The children seem to be great fun and cheeky! THanks for your comment - I am glad I was able to sweeten your cappuccino this morning! xxx Christa

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  7. Hello Christa, Emilie's daughter

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting and happy you enjoying reading this post. The children certainly keep us entertained and always up to some fun or games.

    Helen x

  8. Hello James Atel

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your kind compliment.