Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tarpon Springs, Florida Art & Joy

Welcome to Indian Rocks Beach, a triptych by Helen  Tilston, Mary Rose Holmes and Violetta Chandler

My art partners Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Chandler and I have been asked by Leepa Rattner Museum, in Tarpon Springs and graciously accept the wonderful honour of
judging an art show.  The Plein Air Paint Out will be held at Tarpon Springs, Florida. Finalists will be judged by us on  November 11, 2012.    This "Event" attracts many of North America's finest plein air painters.
Tarpon Springs, is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, fifteen miles north of Clearwater Beach.
Settled by Greeks, where the language is still widely spoken.  This seaside town provides delicious Greek cuisine, OPA echoes through the narrow streets, as steaming plates are taken to tables by enthusiastic waiters.  Daily specialties of the freshest, local  seafood is offered.  Many bakeries offer baklava and sumptuous Greek deserts. 

Sponge is harvested from the waters and is available for sale

 Easels will occupy the dock area, streets and bi-ways of Tarpon Springs

Master Painter Russian Born Violetta Chandler, Master Painter Florida Native Mary Rose Holmes and Irish born Helen Tilston (Ireland, Russia, America= a.k.a. the friendly  IRA - our weapon is the paintbrush.)

We are anxiously looking forward to this great honour of judging the show and meeting the many artists who will participate in this paint out.

The light is spectacular in this area of Florida.  

As the sun sets over Tarpon Springs and our work is complete, we shall find our favourite restaurant  and say "OPA"

Tarpon Springs, Florida as the sun is setting

 Have you visited Tarpon Springs?


  1. Love your outdoor life! Why is it always so sunny here on your blog. Big wave from a misty morning in Ireland:~)

  2. How your painting and photographs have taken me back to my trips to Florida. For that matter, anyplace I have seen sun, water, boats, and that regatta atmosphere.

    One question: How can they tell the price of the sponge after you have picked it out of the bin? There seem to be many gradations.

    --Road to Parnassus

  3. Lovely bright and sunny post, I agree with Catherine. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind words.

  4. I love summer and Florida!
    Great pictures!
    xoxo Ewa