Monday, January 14, 2013

You are cordially Invited

Cafe lunch - Oil Painting by Violetta
You are cordially invited to attend our Art Show at Guppy's, Indian Rocks Beach, Florida on
January 24th.  We will personally give you a docent tour of "Coastal Cottages Series Eleven".

My flowers welcome -oil painting Mary Rose

The weather is in the 70's daily, the beach is sandy and the shell collecting is superb.  If you enjoy fresh seafood, the most beautiful sunsets and stolling along Beach Trail, this will meet your needs.

Kinvara Day- oil painting  by Helen Tilston
Perhaps you will enjoy dip in the Gulf of Mexico, where children, pelicans an dolphins swim in harmony.

Violetta, Helen & Mary Rose painting on Indian Rocks Beach
Until we see you on the 24th January may the sun shine softly upon you and yours.


  1. Helen-
    I wish I could! These paintings are gorgeous,a nd I love you sailboat in vermillion!
    Happy Tuesday.

  2. Dear Helen

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful and wonderful paintings!! I so enjoyed reading this post. Love the red sail painting. It is fascinating! I wonder if the red sails have something to do with Ireland. Do they have some special meaning?

  3. i LOVE Mary Rose’s flowers. Thank you, Helen for sharing…: )

  4. What fun. Painting on the beach. Wow. I wish I could paint seriously. But I never got the hang of it. Still, it would be worth doing if I could hang out at the beach and kibbitz.

    Okay, okay, I know painters don't want anyone kibbitzing while they're hard at work. I'll be a silent kibbitzer. :)

  5. P.S. Thanks for sharing the beautiful results of all your labors.

  6. thank you so very much for your visit to my blog and your sweet the pics of you and the ladies, blowing in the wind on the beach painting...magical.

  7. Thank you Helen for taking time to visit me and for painting such a beautiful comment that encourages what I do.

    As I have said before, time and time again and again, I so long to paint on that sand filled beach at the hem of the sea painting the beauty you see right along side of you.
    Keep inspiring all things through your eyes.

    A beautiful month of hearts, hugs, and kisses.