Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer at Indian Rocks Beach and dancing on the street

Violetta, Helen and Mary Rose planning
While temperatures soar, the light is irreristible, the azure ocean calls.  Early morning and early afternoon being our preferred time to paint. The shadows dazzle.

Our client has decided to enjoy the morning.

Time for thinking and feeling the atmosphere of the garden

Violetta has found shade beneath a palm tree and is rapidly capturing light and shadows

Mary Rose strolling along Beach Trail and we can tell by her smile she has found her subject.

Helen is  having a difficult time starting to paint today.  We call this research and information gathering - she eventually get painting and neglected to get a picture.

A client has invited us to her home for afternoon tea. It is always a joy and a huge honour for us to see our paintings hang in a client's home. 

"Indian Rocks Beach is the place to be" by Helen Tilston
"Come by the Sea"a Triptych by the Plein Aire Cottage Artists:  Violetta, Helen and Mary Rose

Our song for today is:  "It's a wonderful, wonderful, life"


  1. It is a wonderful life, Helen, and you are looking fantastic in that cream skirt - so elegant! And I'm sure your client is thrille with lovely lovely paintings..

    1. Hello Patricia

      Many thanks for your compliment. We are so delighted to have clients who love our work and chose to hang it in an area of prominence in their homes. It is a beautiful feeling.
      Hope your week is special

      Helen xx

  2. Hello Helen,

    How delightful to be painting and dancing the summer away; you are quite lucky! The second photo of your client by the pool is a pretty portrait in itself! You know, I can't resist those vibrant reds! Have fun!


    1. Hello Poppy,

      Thank you and yes we are very grateful for what life has given us. I love the image of D by her pool. She was in a pensive mood and looked so connected to the landscape.
      Have a wonderful week