Saturday, November 2, 2013

Florida Art Show Planning & Studio Visitors

Conner pays us a visit
Summer time found all three of us travelling extensively:- Hawaii, Baltimore, Tennessee, Miami, Naples, Virginia and Ireland  are some of the places we visited and painted. All three of us are home in Florida and back painting.  January is fast approaching. Our art show  "Coastal Cottages Series X11" will open
Plans are being drawn up.  Paintings are being glazed and receiving magical strokes.

Long time friend and supporter visits
Friends are stopping by the studio to say hello and share a cup of tea.  We work and paint for a few more hours until the shore beckons us.    Tomorrow is another day.

Indian Rocks Beach, Fl....The beach in front of one of our studios


  1. Dear Helen, love the "setting" in front of some of your studios, and love little Connor!
    A lovely 'stip-visite'.....without a cup of tea :)....
    All very best for the upcoming Art show,

  2. The best to you and your art showing.
    Love your art and free spirit in what you imagine.
    Thank you beautiful for touching my heart with your artistic comment towards my creating. (Wire Crowns)

    Looking forward to what you are doing and what you will be inspiring over the holidays.

    Happy Giving of Thanks


  3. Helen, when you go to Virginia to paint, where do you do?