Plein Air Painting in Florida & "Reply Button to Comments"

Plein Aire Cottage Artist Violetta paints in Sarasota Florida
A sunny morning meeting in Sarasota, where we agreed to meet with Violetta (her hometown) and paint.

The light and values have attracted Plein Aire Cottage Artist Helen Tilston
We ran into some friends and following some diversions eventually found time to paint

Plein Aire Cottage Artists Mary Rose Holmes and Violetta
Downtown, Sarasota has seen some changes and is now vibrant and alive with many new stores, boutiques and restaurants.  It is certainly worth visiting and talk on the street is  "it is booming and is growing".

Michael's on Main Street, Sarasota is our most recent gallery and we are thrilled to work with Gallery Curator, Kate Runyon whom we have the utmost respect.   She has incredible S.T.Y.L.E
Kate Runyon.  She exudes style.

Christie's At Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Christie's have opened a new office at Indian Rocks Beach, called  "Coastal Christie's" and our paintings grace the walls of this fine building.

Triptych by Plein Aire Cottage Artists at Salt Rock, Indian Shores

Coastal Cottages Series Twelve continues at the Gallery at Salt Rock Grill, Indian Shores.

Can someone please help me restore my "Response to Comments button"   It has disappeared when I used a new template for this blog.   Also new posts to this blog do not show up on my sidebar.

Many thanks


  1. Hello Helen,

    Sorry to hear about this button mishap, hope you get it worked out soon! I love the colours of Sarasota, their rich hues saturating the stucco, making it seem stronger, more resistant to the elements.

    How lovely and exciting to have your works exhibited in two galleries! Best of luck with both ventures and happy Tuesday!!


  2. Hello Poppy

    Thanks for your concern. So far, I am still struggling.
    It will sort itself, I am sure.
    Yes the light is quite spectacular in Sarasota and we love painting there too.
    Thanks for your kind wishes.
    Have a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  3. Florida has such different colors in plein air than up here in the Northeast - both are vibrant, but they are just so different!

  4. Oh Helen, this is the week I think for glitches with Blogger. I had a problem commenting on some as the Captcha kept changing numbers before my very eyes and others reported similar problems commenting on my blog. The good news of your situation is that I discovered your other lovely blog! You ladies always dress so beautifully that it makes me want to clean out my closet and start over again. . .

  5. Hello Lisa

    The light is spectacular at Indian Rocks Beach and Sarasota. You are right very different from the Northeast. Thank you for visiting
    Helen, Mary Rose and Violetta

  6. Hello Jackie

    It has been a frustrating week on blogger. I have experience the same issues as you mentioned.
    Thank you for your compliment on our wardrobe.
    All three of us have fashion backgrounds and we love style.

    Have a glorious week

    Helen xx

  7. Dear Helen..
    I hope that you get your problem solved. I have had my share of problems with blogger.. i just dont touch anything or change anything, if i dont understans it.. its very frustrating. Enjoy your summer and painting ...val x

  8. Hi Helen! I have no idea how I could help you figure out that missing button! All I know is that Blogger has been also giving me a hard time and is not showing the newest posts on my sidebar!

    What a gorgeous place and space you share to create. Isn't it nice to be in a community of like-minds? Thank you so much for coming to visit me! Anita

  9. We must drive up to Sarasota this winter and visit some of the galleries. You ladies have such fun painting together. As far as the response button goes, I don't have any idea. Blogger seems to have a mind of its own, but there is a blog: "The Original Blogger Tips & Tricks" that I follow that might be able to offer help.He is very knowledgeable.

  10. Hi Helen,
    Sarasota does appear to have amazing light. We sold one of our vintage French cars to a guy who lives there and loves the area. I've never been to Sarasota we go to visit my brother in Palm Beach county.
    The paintings in the gallery look vibrant and hold an alluring energy.
    Hope you resolve your button issue with Blogger, wish I knew of a suggestion.
    Happy September,

  11. Dear Helen, I've been whizzing around like a blue bottomed fly, so this is a very quick hello, I love this post and hope you are well and happy Jane xx

  12. A gorgeous setting Helen! It seems like as soon as one blogger issue is soled another pops up! My posts are still not showing in others' blog rolls, so please subscribe by email if you would like the latest.

    The Arts by Karena

  13. I feel your pain!
    Blogger is so darn unpredictable.
    I gave up trying to figure blogger out months ago.
    Such a lovely group you are a part of!!!!

  14. Helen I have considered leaving Blogger and going..for example: to WordPress, I am just so concerned about losing prior post and images...what to do!
    The Arts by Karena


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