Monday, January 19, 2015

Indian Rocks Beach is coming to Ireland

Mary Rose and Violetta at Indian Rocks Beach

2015 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Chandler and Helen Tilston

Helen at Indian Rocks Beach (photo credit Rossana Stroligo)
Ireland has extended an invitation to us to exhibit "Coastal Living".   Our show will open in June 2015.

Mary Rose at Indian Rocks Beach (photo credit:  Rossana Stroligo)
Prior to the show we will be painting, on location, en plain air in Ireland.  Helen has been scouting Ireland for the past several months for vistas.   

Paintings are being tagged, measured and selected.    We are also taking every moment to complete commissioned pieces prior to travelling to Europe.  

A few of our patrons are planning to travel to Ireland for our art opening.   We are truly blessed.

Coastal Cottages is ongoing at


  1. How wonderful, Helen! I look forward to your vistas and destinations. Do let us know more as soon as your schedule is arranged.

  2. Hello Mise, Thanks for your good wishes. It is very exciting and both Mary Rose and Violetta are so much looking forward to being in Ireland. I will keep you posted.

    Helen xx

  3. Oh you beautiful lady to enjoy your days ahead...sigh!
    I will be waiting for your beautiful follow up's :)

    See you soon.

    Thank you Helen, for gracing your beauty over at my place of moments.

  4. Hi Helen
    I just had a chance to read your blog. What a great Idea. It will bring tourist $$ to Ireland and you will have the opportunity to capture the beauty of your homeland through the art of your painting. I can just imagine the pride you must feel. Coastal living in Ireland must be much more beautiful with the lush green backdrop than the coastal living in Tampa. Both have a different kind of beauty but somehow the natural beauty of Ireland surpasses the beauty of the state of Florida. That is just my opinion having visited Ireland and Florida.

  5. I imagine you';re well on the way to preparing for the Irish trip by now. How exciting!!

  6. How exciting! I've never been to Ireland and want to go someday. Lucky you!

  7. I love you wandering artists, this is so inspiring. I guess we don't have enough sunshine in Seattle to draw you out here. Keep up the beautiful work!